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Sentinel Lighthouse - TBD

A day trip from Juneau, Alaska to Sentinel Island to help restore and provide general maintenance to the Gastineau Channel Historical Society, a non-profit, who maintains the lighthouse.

  • Depart Statter Harbor at 9:00am.
  • Transfer by water taxi to Sentinel Island.
  • Arrive to the lighthouse to settle in for the day and outline the day's tasks.
  • Be prepared to cut brush by bringing gloves, work clothes that can get dirty, a hat, and any layers depending on weather.
  • Bring plenty of water for the day, snacks to get you through lunch, and anything you need personally for the day.
  • There is no running water or electricity on the island.
  • Camera's are welcome!
  • Some snacks and beverages will be provided. 
  • Departure from the island is tide dependent, we plan to be picked up by 1pm.



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