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Off-Grid living in La Bufadora, Baja Mexico

Tip of the iceberg boys! Inconceivable amounts of places to see and explore within these two States of Mexico! I've traveled to many other places throughout the country but Baja...

Tip of the iceberg boys! Inconceivable amounts of places to see and explore within these two States of Mexico! I've traveled to many other places throughout the country but Baja seems to operate on a different wavelength. And for that, I'm excited! Rocky shores with beaches nestled along the coast, cruise traffic in the northern city of Ensenada, a dirt road haven for off-roading vehicles, moderate and dry climate, delicious fresh seafood and cheery locals make Baja an intriguing place.

My dad has been building a house over the last year and this was my second time checking in on him and his progress. Last year, we slept in a camper, this year we got to stay inside his new house! A small one room casa boasts an open floor plan throughout, with the only interior door being the bathroom. He has put sliding glass doors nearly around the entirety of the building. A simple way to cut costs as glass doors surprisingly cost less than installing windows, plus he wanted floor to ceiling views anyway so this was a total go.

Focussed on creating a self-sustaining hacienda, solar power, a propane incinerating toilet, and a dehumidifier that draws water from the atmosphere have all helped create a low profile. He lives on a ranch, which is owned by a local Mexican who inherited the land through his grandfather. The ranch has a few hundred parcels that can be sold independently, but rent is still paid to the ranch to cover costs of guards, road maintenance, garbage disposal, and grid power so when solar batteries run out, you can still have electricity. 

Lots are relatively affordable and available to Americans. I've seen some empty lots starting at 15k all the way up to 40k. Contract labor is paid on a daily rate basis, and people are relatively happy to help newcomers understand the lay of the land and best ways to get things accomplished. There are lumber stores, a Home Depot, and many other stores in Ensenada which is about a 30-45min drive north. You can also get goods from San Diego which is about 2-3hrs away depending on traffic and also the airport most convenient.

If I were to stay in the area, I'd highly suggest visiting Las Cañadas, a camping resort south of Ensenada and away from the city, complete with areas for tent camping, cabin camping, pools, waterslides, 4x4 off road trails and networks, horseback riding, zip lining, restaurants, a great place for families!

Plenty of hiking in the area, although entrance points are sometimes located on private property where you'll have to check in with a posted guard. A little intimidating but once you realize that's normal, you get over it haha. Next time I visit I plan to push south and expand my footprint a little, will for sure report back!



La Bufadora, Baja Mexico
La Bufadora, Baja Mexico
La Bufadora, Baja Mexico
La Bufadora, Baja Mexico
La Bufadora, Baja Mexico


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