Fenna & Fei

French Claw Hair Clip

$ 16.00 USD

These gorgeous french claws are the perfect stylish hair clip to pair with any outfit! 

Material: Italian Tortoise Shell Acetate & Stainless Steel Clip. 

Length: 3.5 inches. 

Color: Lily Pad, Heather, Honeystone, Milky Way, Peach, Aqua, Opal, Pebble, Autumn, Sapphire, Orange Tetris, Cerulean, Creamsicle, Jadeite, Lava Rock, Violet, Starling, Spanish Moon, Solstice, Sky, Rosella, Purple Bloom, Obsidian, Endless Summer, Blonde Tortoise, Bio Blonde, Amber, Mermaid, Pink Pegasus, Unicorn, Porcelain, Honeysuckle, Phoenix, River Rock, Sea Glass, Water Lily.


About the Brand: 

Fenna & Fei is a small, Woman-Owned business located in Boise. All of their pieces are made from cellulose acetate. A mixture of cotton pulp and acetic acid. It is a biodegradable and eco-friendly material. Acetate is lightweight yet durable. Our acetate is sourced from Italy and Japan and then manufactured and finished in Idaho. 

Color: Honeysuckle
Color: Honeysuckle