Mystery Box!
$ 45.00

Mystery Boxes are the best! Especially when you know they're going to be good! 

There are three options, all get better and better! The Bronze is the most basic, featuring the two beautifully paired basics. The Silver option may include desktop items, lounge wear, or sale items. The Gold option may include high-end merchandise including, but not limited to, 2 or more boutique items, jeans, cashmere, silk, and any other luxurious items pulled specifically for you.

You won't know till you get yours!

Bronze: $65 value with one to two items.  

Silver: $110 value two to three smaller items. **Select your t-shirt size and bottom size**

Gold: $250 value containing one to two high-end boutique items potentially mixed in with smaller items, or even jewelry.  **Select your t-shirt size and bottom size**


Watch a Mystery Box be created!