Fenna & Fei

Mini French Claw Hair Clip

$ 14.00 USD

These gorgeous mini french claws are the perfect stylish hair clip to pair with any outfit! 

Material: Italian Tortoise Shell Acetate & Stainless Steel Clip. 

Length: 2.5 inches. 

Color: Cerulean, Pebble, Unicorn, Bouquet, Endless Summer, Purple Bloom, Amber, Angel Wing, Aqua, Daffodil, Heather, Honeycomb, Lily Pad, Macaw, Peach, River Rock, Bio Blonde, Milky Way, Solstice.


About the Brand: 

Fenna & Fei is a small, Woman-Owned business located in Boise. All of their pieces are made from cellulose acetate. A mixture of cotton pulp and acetic acid. It is a biodegradable and eco-friendly material. Acetate is lightweight yet durable. Our acetate is sourced from Italy and Japan and then manufactured and finished in Idaho. 

Color: Cerulean
Color: Cerulean