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Palm Springs Weekend

Driving into the States from the Tecate Border Station, winding roads weave east through a forest of boulders. Curious rocks sprinkle this part of Southwestern Cali and Baja. I love this...

Driving into the States from the Tecate Border Station, winding roads weave east through a forest of boulders. Curious rocks sprinkle this part of Southwestern Cali and Baja. I love this stretch of Highway 94! Only way to make this drive better would be on a motorcycle.

Touring through the Cuyamaca mountain towns, one of my favorite stops is Julian. Straight out of a Western film, I love stopping for lunch and ice cream. They've also got delicious locally made honey! Getting a better look on the map shows an impressive amount of hiking trails with multiple Hot Springs. After reading up on Warner Springs, I'd like to take my time in the area to explore more of these trails and old mining towns, will note for next time ;)

There's an unusually high number of Alaskan Snowbirds hanging in the greater Palm Springs area, don't be surprised when you're cruising on the 111 to see other Alaska license plates with their tops down jamin' to rock classics. Typically we luck out and get to stay with my in-laws or friends of the family who have a spare room, however this trip all were booked out! Fortunately Palm Springs has some of the most fun hotels around! Very posh, and the architecture is candy for the eyes.

I'd driven past The Saguaro hundreds of times, the rainbow of colors always enticing, so when I saw reasonable rates I quickly booked! The hotel rooms are pretty outdated, however all is made well with their restaurants and pool area! They have 2 hot tubs, a hammock lounge, and one of the best pools I've had the pleasure of cannon balling. It's easy to see how this place books out favorably during Spring Break!

cuyamaca mountains

The Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs

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