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Summer Dress Redesign

  What do you do when inventory doesn't sell? You reinvent it! The original was beautiful, but hardly grabbed the attention it deserved.  I had been thinking for months how...


What do you do when inventory doesn't sell? You reinvent it! The original was beautiful, but hardly grabbed the attention it deserved.  I had been thinking for months how I wanted to redesign it, and when the opportunity came, I jumped on it!  The opportunity? I was 8 months pregnant (time of writing June 2018), and I've been trying really hard to avoid maternity clothes, I'm just not into them! That being said, there are only a few items I can pull from the boutique that I feel good in, and one of them happens to be the Bombshell Maxi!



Summer Dress Redesign



Looking at the piece, the print is too busy for that much material, it had to be cut back.  I loved the silhouette of the piece and wanted to maintain that shape.  I had a last minute photoshoot, needed a spring outfit, so I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the basic shape I wanted to create.  Of course leaving a few inches of room from where I intended.  I went to the shoot with raw and uneven hems! 

Here is the dress during this stage!



dress redesign



The next day I put the dress on the mannequin and began pinning my design.  Liking an above-the-knee look in the front and keeping the high-low hem, I ended up shortening the dress by nine or so inches.  The sleeve changed shape to a cap-sleeve and going away completely under the arm.



dress redesign



Still obsessed with the final product.  I love the shape it creates, the back key-hole detail, and how easy, light, and simple it is. Gahhh! And, did I mention I added pockets to the dress?!



dress redesign



dress redesign



What do you think?





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44 comments on Summer Dress Redesign
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