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November Day

at least half a dozen of old piling that were no doubt docks, a hundred years ago. Now, there are floating rafts with gold dredging equipment on them. They're either...

This black sanded State Owned Beach is peculiar because it just about has to be mine tailings, extremely shallow to a point where I'm pretty sure it drops in depth substantially. There are at least half a dozen of old piling that were no doubt docks, a hundred years ago. Now, there are floating rafts with gold dredging equipment on them. They're either on a tag line or anchored out and accessible at a low tide. But given this beach's location, there's easily 3/4 a mile tide flux that exposes the beach. It appears whoever is dredging has limited time left on their posted permit. There's an old vacant building that was called the Thane Ore House, its last hurrah was running dancing shows and providing food for tourists. Ohh to go back in time to like the 90's?!

Anyway, would love to see some historical photos of this area in action if anyone out there has any. As for now, its a gorgeous, short, accessible beach with almost no others.

Today's outfit begins with wool socks, rubber boots, my favorite DL1961 Patti jean, a long sleeve linen shirt by Bella Dahl, with a Saltwater Luxe sweater layered over top. Not pictured is my wool halibut jacket and Naataq Gear outer, mittens, beanie and a cup of black coffee. Life in Juneau in November is gray, limited light, and variable temps ranging from 28F to 48F. Today was 37F and a calm after a wild blizzard a day or two ago that was gusting 70mph winds!

Exploring Juneau
exploring Juneau, Alaska

 exploring Juneau, Alaska what to wear

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