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Two Roads Hat Co.

Waterloo Fedora

$ 148.00 USD

New life. Renewed vibrancy. Dogged determination. The Waterloo Fedora was inspired by the Waterloo Arts and Entertainment district, which now as alive as it ever has been and all due to one thing — the community's absolute dedication to independent businesses. This hat will have you rockin' the streets in style so you too can have a new vibrancy and determination. 

Color: Black.

Measurements: Brim 2 3/4", Crown 4.5". All sizes are measured in centimeters circumference; 57cm, 59cm, 61cm, 63cm. 

Fabric: 100% Australian Wool. 

Care: Spot clean/Specialist clean.

About the Brand

Your path is yours. Two Roads Hat Co. make hats for extraordinary men — and they're damn good at it. A lot of effort goes into making sure they’re made well, look good and are worth the hard-earned buck you spend on them. But the extraordinary men part? That’s on you. That’s on the route you pick and the choices you make. If that's unsetting, it should be. But it's also empowering — and thrilling as hell. And if you're going to set off into unfamiliar and unclear territory, you really ought to find a great hat to protect your best asset from the dust, elements and overall bad vibes that you’ll certainly encounter along the way. These hats can’t live your life for you, but they can surely stand as a reminder to venture down the path less traveled.

Size: 61
Size: 61