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Fox and The Fawn

Rose Leaf Emerald Earrings

$ 289.00 USD

Every piece from Fox and The Fawn is completely unique and one of a kind. All the metal is hand casted, molded, and poured, making each piece that much more special. Every stone is also unique in its own way and they are all hand placed on each ring. 

Size: 2.5 inches in length

Stone: Emerald.

Metal: Sterling Silver.  

Care: Cleanse with mellow soap and water then dry. Keep away from stained wood and chemicals. Be gentle when cleaning stones.  

About the Brand

Kayla Wave. Jurgens - Cháatl Du Tláa (Mother of Halibut) is the founder and creator of Fox and The Fawn jewelry. Kayla was born and raised in Washington state and currently works out of her Poulsbo, WA studio where she works as a team with her little sister Raven. She is a mama of four wildlings, and three fur babies. Her work is inspired by her upbringing in the forests of the Pacific Northwest and her rich Tlingit culture she was raised in. Kayla is a member of the Tlingit tribe of South East Alaska. She is named, Cháatl du tláa which was passed from her late grandmother meaning " Mother of Halibut".