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Pearl Necklace

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Best known for their whimsical shapes and wide variety of sizes and colors, the character of a freshwater pearl is found in its distinctive surface texture and the warmth of its luster. Silky, touchable and radiant, fine AAA and Gem Quality Freshwater pearls can look just as beautiful as any saltwater pearl. Their natural shades of Pink/Peach, Lavender and White are untreated by any chemical or dye process, and will never discolor or fade if cared for properly.

Length: 12 in. 

Color: Pearl. 

Care: Clean your pearls after each wearing. Simply wipe with a soft cloth, microfiber jewelry cloth or chamois, either damp or dry, to remove any skin oils or dirt. A drop of olive oil on the cloth can be used to help maintain the luster. If damp, lay them on a soft cloth to dry before storing. If they are strung on silk be aware that silk shrinks if it gets wet but will also stretch if hung to dry. Avoid using cleaners, detergents, brushes and ultrasound cleaners. If your necklace is particularly dirty take it to a jeweler or use a recommended jewelry cleaner.