Alaska Soles

Indigenous Nouveau Moccasins

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Talk about the most comfortable and beautiful pair of moccasins you will ever see and own! Reine Pavlik is a good designer friend of mine and has been designing moccasins and so much more for Alaska Fashion Week for three years now. Each of her moccasins are made with locally sourced and sustainable materials. How can you not want to buy these beauties right now?!

Size: W 6. 

Materials: Caribou Trim, Indigenous Nouveau Felt Tops, Elk Hide Soul. 

About the Designer:

Reine is Tlingit from Yakutat, AK. She learned skin-sewing from her aunt. She made a few pairs of moccasins for loved ones as gifts and decided to keep going. While Alaska Soles has grown, Reine is still the sole creator and owner behind the scenes. Reine focuses on sustainable fashion by using locally sourced hides and furs from hunters. She thrifts materials/fabrics and upcycles them to luxury items