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Fluff Hardware

Fallen Crystal Earrings

$ 80.00 USD

Idaho’s outdoors are a major source of inspiration with this jewelry, considering the mountains, trees, rivers, wild-life, historic buildings and venerable objects of times past. In-short, Fluff Hardware shall never exhaust their sources of inspiration considering Idaho’s immeasurable bounty.

Design: Crystal quartz stones that hang from gold or silver arch pendants and 14k gold filled or sterling silver ear wire.

Finish: Silver or Gold. 

Measurements: Varies depending on stones.

Care: Buff jewelry with polishing cloth. 


About the Brand:

Owner/founder Solymar Palm has always had a passion for creating lovely things, large and small. After an encounter with a piece of found scrap metal in 2011 she fell in love with jewelry design and launched the artistic endeavor now called Fluff Hardware. As Solymar's small business grew, she realized there was a common underlying reason she loved it so much… her “why”. This art she was creating was lifting up, and contributing to women’s sense of individuality, confidence, and inner beauty, helping them feel bold, fearless, and ultimately more able to face the challenges of the modern woman. This continues to be an underlying theme in everything the brand does and represents and will forever more guide the brand direction.


Finish: Gold
Finish: Gold