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Generation Bee

Detoxifying Facial Mask

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The blend of multiple clays, bee pollen, and charcoal get mixed with other natural detoxifying ingredients to hydrate while eliminating toxins and diminishing pores. 

Size: 2 oz.

How to Use: Place 1t. of the facial mask of choice into the palm of your hand. Add a little bit of water and start to blend in your hand. Add more water depending on how thin or thick you want to apply the mask. Smooth all over your face avoiding the eye area, and leave on until fully dry. Rinse thoroughly with warm water for tightened, rejuvenated skin.


  • White Kaolin Clay: softens/soothes skin, improves skin tone, combats dryness, minimizes oil, detoxifies
  • Rose Kaolin: anti-inflammatory, softens skin, smooths, brightens complexion, improves skin circulation
  • Bentonite Clay: removes toxins, provides minerals, softens skin
  • Kisameet Clay: antibacterial, antimicrobial, strengthens skin barrier, softens
  • French Green Clay: absorbs impurities, tones skin, tightens pores
  • Fuller’s Earth Clay: minimizes oil, improves skin tone, softens, exfoliates, minimizes fine lines
  • Bee Pollen: anti-aging, antioxidant, hydrates
  • Charcoal: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, detoxifies
  • Apple Powder: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, helps prevent premature aging, builds collagen, brightens complexion
  • Cocoa Illite Clay: rich in iron, detoxifies, stimulates skin, eliminates impurities
  • Tartaric Acid: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, boosts immunity


About the Brand:

Generation Bee is a full line of elegant bath and beauty products. From their elegant soaking salts to their incredible creams and moisturizers they have founded their brand on the belief that the highest quality ingredients make the best products. By replacing the chemical additives and harmful detergents with bee pollen, essential oils and natural ingredients their products leave your skin feeling moisturized and healthy. Their founder, Michael, personally collects the honey, pollen, and wax that go into our amazing products.