Bamboo Bar Holder

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All-natural, bamboo bar holders. Handcrafted by local villagers in southern china. You can also stack these holders in order to save space in your shower. 

Materials: These bamboo bar holders are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and 100% sustainable.

Includes: One bamboo holder set comes with one lid and one bottom. The stacking photos in the carousel with multiple bars are just to show how multiple sets can be used together.

About the Brand:

Viori's social mission in Longsheng is to partner with the Red Yao on projects they believe will help their communities thrive. They have always been our heroes, we're here to simply play a supportive role in helping them accomplish their goals.

Viori recognizes that our existence and mission as a company are inextricably tied to the extraordinary Red Yao people, forever. They are fully committed to respecting this relationship by playing a supportive role in helping preserve this unique culture. They do this by (a) paying a fair and sustainable premium for all Longsheng rice and products we purchase from the tribe and (b) reserving a minimum of at least 5% of profits for initiatives that go directly back to Red Yao communities. Taking on such a role comes with great responsibility. It requires sensitivity, patience, curiosity, and above all, a mindset that keeps the well-being of the Red Yao people at its core.