Soul & Bones

Girls Best Friend Necklace

$ 98.00 USD

Some things are classics for a reason, and in this case it's simplicity. The Girls Best Friend Necklace is a stunning, beaded necklace that lays smoothly around your neck, making it perfect for pairing with other necklaces for a bold layered look. Its quality is fine enough to also stand out on its own for a clean touch to any outfit. 

Size: 16". 

Metal: 14k gold fill. 


  • MOONSTONE: a stone of the divine feminine; wisdom + intuition.
  • ROSE QUARTZ: opens heart chakra to attract and strengthen love; universal love.
  • PEARL: a water element stone for tranquility; harmony + balance.
  • GOLDEN RUTILATED QUARTZ: a stone that provides direction & new opportunities; success.
  • AQUAMARINE: represents happiness, hope and everlasting youth.

Care: Buff clean with jewelry cloth. 

Color: Moonstone
Color: Moonstone