30 Serving :Rise Cacao

$ 50.00 USD

Whether you were sick of the jitters from the office Keurig or g-ma’s Celestial Seasonings wasn’t quite cutting it, MUD\WTR gives you energy and focus in a manner that is jusssst right. With a fraction of the caffeine of coffee, :rise Cacao leans on ayurvedic herbs, adaptogens, and cacao to give you natural energy, focus, and immune support without having to worry about jitters or sleeping at night.

Taste: The rich chocolatey flavor of cacao hits first and then melts into sweet and spicy masala chai. It tastes like your mug of hot cacao met a chai latte and they had a baby.

Amount: 30 servings. Matte black reusable and recyclable tin.

Ingredients: The Original Blend is made with 100% organic ingredients. MUD\WTR uses both the mycelial biomass and fruiting bodies of mushrooms, and allow them to complete their full growth cycle.

  • Masala Chai - natural energy - India and Sri lanka.
  • Cacao - natural energy, focus, mood - grown in Peru.
  • Lion's Mane - focus - grown in California.
  • Chaga - immunity support - grown in California.
  • Reishi - immunity support - grown in California.
  • Cordyceps - natural energy - grown in California.
  • Turmeric - immunity support, antioxidant - grown in India. 
  • Cinnamon - antioxidant - grown in Sri Lanka. 
  • Sea Salt - electrolyte, hydration support - harvested in Pakistan. 

Made in the USA

About the Brand:

MUD\WTR was dreamt up to reduce a coffee dependence. Coffee is a stimulant, slingshotting your energy levels, I wanted a more balanced approach to boosting focus and wakefulness. So, the founder blended masala chai with a hall of fame ingredient list: Lion’s mane for focus, chaga and reishi to support a healthy immune system, cordyceps to promote natural energy, turmeric and cinnamon for their antioxidants, and cacao for mood and energy. It’s 100% organic and there’s zero sugar and no sweeteners added. With a fraction of the caffeine in a cup of coffee those jitters are gone and you are left with calm, alert, and sharp but still able to fall asleep at night. The result: you, but superhuman.