Thanks so much for stopping by!  Being a mother definitely earns you a feather in your cap! Don't ever let anyone make you feel small about that! I'm really excited to be featured on High Waisted Motherhood's Podcast, Amanda does a great job of bringing up challenging topics. 



Favorite Resources

If you're looking to start your own business, or are in the beginning stages, here are a few helpful links and resources that helped me get started!

Online Courses

Other Podcasts I love

YouTube Channels with Great Tips

  • Socially Nina, this woman has really helpful tips! She helped me get a business line that forwards to my cell phone! 

Favorite and MOST helpful book

  • Online Marketing for Small Businesses by Julia Doherty, this has real tips that you can implement right away regarding Online Marketing, tips and tricks for posting schedules, how often to change out banners, how to optimize your platforms, and more - seriously so good!


From my Blogs

If you're interested in what to wear while you're pregnant, here is a blog I composed throughout my nine months of pregnancy. I did my best to purchase as little as possible maternity clothes. Instead I used what I already had in my closet.

Read: No Maternity Clothes

If you're interested in traveling Alaska, check out my blogs of what to wear, things to do, and favorite little insights!

Read: Alaska Travel Blogs


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PS- I've created a Motherhood Collection, exclusively for mamas, featuring my favorite go-to pieces in the shop that are great for moms! We need versatile options that carry us through the day. Pieces that make your feel confident and stylish without the effort. Life may not be perfect, but your outfit can be ;)


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